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In 2016, the greatest sporting event in the world will take place for the first time in South America. The city of Rio de Janeiro is proud to be in charge of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Rio’s victory in the bidding process, announced in Copenhagen on 2nd October 2009, was the summit of a path of accomplishments and the beginning of a journey of big opportunities and challenges for the Paralympic Movement, hand-in-hand with the people of Rio and Brazil.

The infrastructure developments for the preparation of the Games are really huge. There will be more than 100,000 people involved directly in the organization of the Games, including 70,000 volunteers. Millions of people in the city, around the country and across the continent of South America will be reached and inspired by the games. More than 4,200 Paralympians from about 150 nations around the world are expected to come to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, alongside thousands of media professionals, sports fans and tourists from all over the globe.

Importantly, the Paralympic Games will leave a legacy of improved accessibility around the city, and a change of mindset and perceptions towards people with disabilities.

22 Teams (10 Women Sun137 and 12 Men) from the best Wheelchair Basketball countries in the world will compete for the Gold medals in Rio.