We all will miss David Lash

Dave Lash 
December 14 1965 - April 27 2010

"Itís with great sadness that I am informing you that our long time friend David Lash passed away early this morning April 27, 2010 (approximately 1:30 am). The family is grieving peacefully"

David Lash
(son of Rochelle and Paul Lash)

Member of the Spitfires 1977 to 2010.

Points in career: 12,709( 6th all time)
Games played  :      1,183 (4th all time)
Fouls               :   1,717 (6th all time)

SPITFIRE Challenge
Points all time: 848 (18th overall out of 2634 players)
Games played: 163
Fouls             : 181
Challenges attended: 25 as a player and two as a volunteer. (27 in all)


Points in career: 12,709( 6th all time)
Games played  :      1,183 (4th all time)
Fouls               :   1,717 (6th all time)

SPITFIRE Challenge
Points all time: 848 (18th overall out of 2634 players)
Games played: 163
Fouls             : 181
Challenges attended: 25 as a player and two as a volunteer. (27 in all)

David also played on Canadian Provincial, National and  Paralympic teams .

1999 Spitfire Challenge Champions

Dave was an outstanding human being. Never in the 34 years I have known him did he ever say a curse word even in the heat of very rough times in bb games. He excelled at track and was a member of the Ontario team, Canadian Pan Am & Canadian Paralympic teams. He was a tremendous basketball player at both ends of the court playing on Spitfire teams from 1977 to 2007, playing 1,183 games and scoring 12,709 points against north american teams and players from around the world. He was a reliable volunteer at Spitfire games and practices, and played or volunteered at 27 of the 28 Spitfire Challenges only missing one year when he was attending the University of Ottawa and unable to attend.  I was on the floor with David when he scored his 1st basket as a Spitfire in a gymnasium at a school in North York in December of 1977 and watched from the gallery in Etobicoke Olypium when he scored his last in the Spitfire Challenge in August 2007. David in his professional career was a lawyer and a banker (Royal Bank of Canada) and possibly the first to achieve these feats coming from Sunnyview P.S..

Keith Cartwright, Mrs Cartwright, David Lash and Kerry Titleman

Dave told me he was diagnosed with cancer in early 2008. He handled it in the same calm manner he had approached life. David then spent the past 2 years enjoying his friends and family's company. Travelling to Vegas with his family, attending bbq's with Spitfires and travelling & fishing with Mike Holt, Les Lam and my brother Bob Bryce whenever his health allowed it.

David Lash and some of his many Spitfire friends

David Lash and his family have been friends of mine since he was a 10 year old student at Sunnyview Public School in 1976 when I used to play recreational wc basketball with Anne Shugart's Sunnyview Wildcats basketball team and extended family members. Here is a list of just some of the people David played with and was a friend of.

David Lash and David Bell

From Sunnyview the list includes Frank Meyer, Frank Iannuzzi, David Henderson, Nadia De Franco, Angela Ieriti, Craig Huxtable, Charlie Serfaty, Tim Bailey, Debbie Henderson, Mary  Anastasleolos, Michael Blackned and Dave's brother Arnie Lash and sister Shari Lash.  All of those players joined the fledgling 1977-1980 Spitfires  (Michael O'Brien, Flo Aukema, Murray Minshall, Daryl Horst, Brian Halliday, Bob Bryce, Mike Holt, Ron Clark, Gary Mount, Jerry Tonello, Michael Bryce, Les Lam, John Weir, Tim Korpela, Ron Adams, Tony Ferry, Michael Fleishman, Imre Szelenyi, Paul Lane, John Alldredge, Doug Parcels, Randy Critch, Chuck Moult, Jamie Loveless, Jim Fraser, Barb Lacalamita, Ted Dushka, Dianne Hibbert, Tracey John, Gino Vendetti, Ashley Lubin, Chris Stoddart, Terry McNeil and Robert Sherman).  

1979-80 David Lash 2nd row 2nd player

In the period from 1977 to 1980 some played on the Basketball team some others like Glenn Hibbert, Joe Mancini, Brad Stewart, Doug Gallaher, Shawn Gallaher, Scott Chambers, Chris Muss, Angela Bebee and John Muss  joined the Spitfires 2 hockey teams (manual and electric/power wc) and others joined our track program.  Anne's association with Gerry Penney and his sports program at Bloorview Children's Hospital  led to meeting Heather Williams, Paul Willis, Jonny Urecouli,  and Rick Andres,  all of whom also joined the Spitfires as did past alumni and friends Alan Kay, Ron Bell, Gord Hamilton, Ken Oldfield, Tony Diamati, Scott NcArthur, Sean McGee, Abbey Rudd, Chad Webb, Clarence Merrrigan, Sam Savona, Susan Goodwin, Al Mc Naughton, Ernie McCabbe, and Ron Sherman. David was a friend of many of these people and encouraged their participation in sports and membership in the Spitfires Sports Association. 

1985 Spitfire Champions

Over the period of time that David was a member of the Spitfires more than 400 players joined the team and other notables that played, enjoyed his company and were his friends on later teams with him include Reg McClellan, Chantal Benoit, Annette Riis Mikkelsen, Roy Henderson, Frank Vlasic, Irene & Jeff Van Eenoo, Michael Foote, Gary Patriquin, Ron Davey, Bruce Russell,  Michael Chicoine, Jamie Wasyluk, Bret Patriquin, Larry Galbraith, Todd Higginson, Bill Cable, Robert Ribarich, Barry Patriquin, Erick Corsaut, James Treur, David Smyth, Darson Simair, Peter Burgess, Druce Ayres, Adam Fillier, Stewart Muirhead, Jeff Adams, Michael Bedard, Scot Patriquin, Chris Barnes, Mark Cinelli, Rob Phillips, James Sanders, John Boyko, Iain Bissell, Ron Van Elswyk, Chika Uemura, Paul Novak, Brian Sheppard, Steve Muirhead, Lionel Logronio, Michael Thomas Bryce, Nina Blekic, Jerry Nutakor, Wendy King,  Robert Gardner, Warren Ibbotson, Silvano Rendina, Patti Jones-Boyko, Glenn Brown, Marion Croft, Tom Fraser, Anne Carito, Patrick Anderson, Gary Connors, Jan Klazynski, Steve Dickie, Paul Sutton, Kim Melvin, Allan Titleman, Donna Shaw, Joe Burcombe, William Truong, John Burns, Jim De Bartolomeo, Silvia Gray, Angela Hoover, Dan Altan, Dan Linton, James Krancevic, Dan Anderson, Ross Miller, Robert Hood, Lindsay Collins, Jamie Sopha, Dyane Iannuzzi, Wil Glanville, Jeff Garrett, John Mc Namara, Stacy Gauthier, James Treuer Sr., Sean Cable, Carl Bax, John Pelkey, Jason Whittaker, Jeff Mc Neil-Smith, Allan Unsted, Jeff Griffith, Allan Hibbard, John Hastings, Tracey Ferguson, Gary Purvess, Adam Lancia, Ron Sanderson, Archie Hardie, John Klis,  Robert Sherman, Eddie Croft,  Norm & Lorraine Thinel, Robert Bahry, Noel Nathaniel, Papito Wilson, Rick Davis, Michael Durant, Doug Toth, Fred Spike and Cheryl Fitzgerald.  

Jan Klazynski, David Lash (ref) and Chad Webb

 David was also a fan favourite of the many hundreds of volunteers ( Some of just a few  include Amber, Cynthia & Fred Bryce, Roni Furst, David Poulton, Karen, Susan, Anne & Duncan Worthington, Nikki & Richard Coffron, Myrna Titleman, Delores Tapp, Tim & Denise Antler, Shirley Aukema, Lise Olds, Wendy Cable, Lucy Lloyd, Sharon Smyth, Rochelle Zlot, Linda Burgess, Anne Forbeck, Jesup Sim, Cheryl Cameron, Jean Webb, Jack Weinberg, Sue Bothelo, Anne-Marie Hagey, Michelle Hean, Nadine Brown, Ricki Martin, Cosimo Crupi, Marlene Lane, Teresa Furst, Paula Dodd, Allan Markowitz, Luisa Barberi, Allison Ayres, Cam, Remy & Tara McPherson, Terry Little, Chrystal & Otto Haupt, Sandy & Tim Payne, Lisa Le Blanc, Lisa Thomas/Kelly, Harry & Vera Holt, Meg Ayres, Nichole Ayres, Michelle Parsons,  Eric Morse, Susan Seaby, Tracy Collins, Evelyn Russell, Debbie & Harvey Silver, Mary Ann, Beth & Paul Marzeciak, Marilyn & Terry Johnston, Dave Kosnic, Kelly, Lindsay& Tom Lake, David & Darlene Ratcliff, Larry Pinn, Shelley York and all of the  Emergency Patrol paramedics) his many opponents and even the game officials due to his skilful play, and pleasant and polite manner.

     Mrs Rochelle Lash and Mr Paul Lash you raised an incredible son who I and all of his friends will remember and miss for the rest of our lives.

 Michael Bryce and everyone whomever met David 

Dave Lash scoring on Alberta Northern Lights


From Arnie Lash and the Lash family

 " The tribute posted about David on the Spitfire website was extremely thoughtful and very touching.  Please know it was very much appreciated by our family - David would have loved it.  
 Without your organization and the special efforts you and the guys made to recruit, welcome and befriend a shy, skinny kid into your league - his life would have been far different...Please know that David really did live quite an extraordinary life and with the group of guys he has remained life-long friends."

  On behalf of the rest of our family, our sincerest and heartfelt thanks.
All the best.
Arnie, Paul, Rochelle and Shari

From Roy Houston (Spitfire Challenge  San Bernardino/Redlands opponent - California) April 27 7:12pm

"To The Spitfire Family Worldwide: Please accept our deepest sympathies for the loss of David.  We enjoyed our time playing with him on, and carousing away from the court.

He was a good man, he will be missed."

God Bless.

Roy Houston,
Redlands Eagles/ Rolling Start Road Runners.

From Darson Simair (Spitfire team mate - Toronto) April 27 10:21pm

"My Condolences I knew David a long time he and I used to train track back when I was a kid and he was in Edmonton from time to time also through basketball"

From Sharon and David Smyth (volunteer and Spitfire team mate - Halifax Nova Scotia) April  27 10:23pm

"Thank you for letting us know about David. We are so saddened to hear about his passing. We  liked David and always enjoyed the times we were together with the Spitfires. His life was taken way to soon but he accomplished so much in his short lifetime and is an inspiration to those of us who knew him.
Thinking of all of you his good friends."
David & Sharon Smyth  (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

From Shirley and Floris Aukema (volunteer and Spitfire team mate - Brampton) April 28 7:59am

"Thanks for letting us know of Davidís passing.  What a wonderful tribute to David in your posting on the spitfire website.  He was a remarkable person!"   Shirley & Floris Aukema

From David Bell (Spitfire Challenge referee- Martinsville Virginia) April 28 12:51pm

"With deepest sympathy, David was a great athlete and even better friend. He will be missed!  David Bell"

From Allan Markowitz (volunteer and Hofstra University Rollin' Dutchmen opponent Long Island New York) April 28 1:14pm

"I am truly sad to hear the bad news about David Lash--I got to know his dad fairly well, and I can imagine the pain of having to bury a child.  I see that fact way to often.  I do remember at the time I was going to Toronto, he and I had conversations about his favorite hockey team, the NY Islanders.  He was a big fan, more than anyone I know here on Long Island!  Please pass along my thoughts and prayers to his family, and especially his dad." Allan Markowitz 
note: Mike Bossy was his favourite player when Dave was a teenager-Michael Bryce

From Druce Ayres & Family Posted on the Star website (Spitfire team mate and volunteers - Ajax) April 28

"Our deepest condolences to Dave's family. We will always cherish the great memories of the years spent with Dave in the Spitfires organization" Druce Ayres and family 

From Bob & Lucy Lloyd (Spitfire Challenge referee & volunteer- England) April 28 3:46pm

"Thanks for letting us know about David.  We knew he had been ill but were very sad to learn that he has passed away.  Please pass on our condolences to his family.  He always made Lucy and I very welcome when we came over to the Spitfire Tournament and was a genuinely nice person who will be sadly missed."

 From Brian "Gus"Taylor (Spitfire Challenge referee- England) April 28 3:48pm

"I am so sorry to hear about David Lash,I know that David,s family will probably not know me but please pass on to them my sincere condolences David and I got on very well when I was at the tournament and I'm sure he will be sadly missed."
                    All the Best and please give my regards to all.
                                         Gus Taylor  

From Wheelchair Basketball Canada Wendy Gittens and members -  Ottawa April 28 4:45pm

"It is with great sadness that Wheelchair Basketball Canada and Canadian wheelchair basketball community bid farewell to long time friend David Lash who passed away from cancer at approximately 1:30 am  the morning of April 27, 2010. His final moments were spent at home with his family." posted on the Wheelchair Basketball  Canada website
From Dan Altan (Spitfire team mate -  San Diego California) April 28 4:54pm

"I just saw the email and am terribly saddened to hear the news. Although I had not seen David regularly over the years his memory is very fresh and vibrant in my mind. May he rest in peace.... he will be missed. It's never good when anyone passes, and that much worse when a good person does. Sincerest condolances to his family. If there is anything I can be of help with, please let me know. Unfortunately I will not be physically at the funeral, but my thoughts are with him.
Thank you for taking a moment to pass on the news.  Dan Altan"

From Tom Fraser (Spitfire team mate - Toronto) by phone April 28 4:59pm

"Dave was a great guy, We all will miss him very much. Sorry my health and lack of transportation will not allow me to attend the funeral."

From Mike Chicoine (Spitfire team mate - Toronto) by phone April 28 9:33pm

"Dave was always such a nice person and team mate."

From Kim Melvin (Spitfire team mate - Alberta-Saskatchewan) April 29 11:48am

"I remember him as a gentleman with focused enthusiasm.  I had no idea he was so accomplished.  Good for him.  How proud his family and friends must be of him and how profoundly sad at the loss.   
I send my condolences and hugs into the mix, especially for the Spitfire family."

From Luc De Knock (Spitfire Challenge referee - Belgium ) April 29 4:11pm

"Could you please offer my deepest condolences to David's family."

From Chad Webb (Spitfire team mate - Toronto) April 29 4:27pm 

"Iím so sad to hear about David. Sorry I could not make it today no ride."


From Chris Stoddart (Spitfire team mate -Oshawa) April 29 Toronto Star

It's always a sad day when you lose a teammate and especially today when I heard the news of Dave's passing.
As members of the Spitfires, we travelled far and wide to play basketball and Dave and I lined up beside each other in many a track or road race throughout the years.
Always humble, always friendly regardless of the outcome, he was a true sportman and a great guy. A fine example of what a Canadian wheelchair athlete strives to be.
My condolences to everyone who's been moved by his passing..........
Chris Stoddart,
Oshawa, Ontario

From Chika Uemura (Spitfire team mate and volunteer) Tokyo Japan

Thank you for letting me know about David.
I'm so saddened to hear about his passing. 
He was a good man, he will be missed.
May he rest in peace.

Thanks to Prof. Sergio Durand (Mexican Paralympic Men and Women's teams) Mexico City, Mexico

Sergio posted David's passing on his Americas and world wide wheelchair basketball information site Community Zero.

From Charlotte Riis Mikkelsen (friend) Denmark

I am sorry to hear that David Lash has passed away. He was one of the players that I remember well.