(father of  Nyla)

Member of the Spitfires 1981 to 2005.

Points in career:   2,753 (24th all time)
Games played  :      593 (10th all time)
Fouls               :   1,113 (12th all time)

SPITFIRE Challenge
Points all time: 275 
Games played: 85
Fouls             : 133
Challenges attended: 17 as a player and two as a volunteer. (19 in all)


November 17, 1952  - December 17, 2005

                        Franks Funeral was held  Wednesday Dec 21 at 10:30am Funeral at Church of Croation Martyrs  
  4605 Mississauga Road. Many of his friends joined his loving daughter Nyla in remembering Frank and his life. 


Fighting cancer to the very end Frank Vlasic #94 of the Spitfire wheelchair basketball team passed away Dec 17, 2005. Frank had recently been hospitalized due to the cancer. The cancer  had  caused him to miss attending the 26th Spitfire Challenge in July/August also due to his failing health. It was the only Spitfire Challenge he had ever missed either as a player or a supporter.

Frank joined the Spitfires in 1981 after playing earlier with the Toronto Golden Wheels and Scarboro Hawks. Frank was sort of the strong quiet type of person. He was an extremely muscular class 2 and very tough on defence. He was a veteran of 593 games played as a Spitfire. His aggressive style resulted in 1,113 fouls. Frank could have scored a lot more than the 2,753 points he netted in his career but with his team oriented approach he often passed first.   He was just that kind of an unselfish person. You had to admire Frank.

He was injured originally in the 1978 period at his workplace and once again about 5 years ago in a traffic accident while driving his mini van. That injury severally damaged his shoulder preventing him from playing basketball again. When health allowed, Frank had worked at Lambton Travel and booked many of the Spitfires air flights. He always gave us the best rates often by reducing his own commission. He enjoyed fishing with his friends and playing chess even more at his large home. Frank also loved to grow vegetables in his large garden.

He will be missed by me, his team mates and of course his lovely daughter Nyla a former Spitfire cheerleader. Nyla and Frank had a love bond seldom seen by any father and daughter.

Michael C. Bryce
Frank's friend and team mate

Nyla Vlasic mid 1980's