Paralympic Women's Wheelchair Basketball 1968 to the Present

Statistics and record holders of all Countries known Women  players 
who have participated in Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball from 1968 to the present
Compiled by Michael Bryce 

Women All Time Records 1968 to the present  

B. Women Single Paralympic Records 1968 to the present

C. Women Single Game Records 1968 to the present

Some recent updates to all time Women's records  

Most 3 Point Field Goals MadeGermany

Most Games with 40+ PointsBrazil

Most.Games with 30+ Points

Best 2 Point Field Goal PercentGermany  

Most.Points.Scored all.time.Australia

Most Paralympics Attended

Best Free Throw Percent all timeUnited States of America

Best 3 Point.Field Goal Percent Germany  

 Most 3.Point.Field Goals AttemptedMexico

Compiled by Michael Bryce