We thank all the people who have contributed to making our team and the Spitfire Challenge a success. 

The Spitfires are Volunteer driven and we wish to thank all of our volunteers and supporters.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS  for the next Spitfire Challenge. 

In the following areas:

1.  Airport Pick ups: We need help loading the teams onto our buses and unloading at the hotel. This would be include loading luggage & wheelchairs.  

2. Basketball scorekeepers, time keepers and shot clock help.  

3. Gym set up people need to set up desks, benches, shot clocks etc.  

4. Snack Bar: both cooking and serving.  

5. First aid assistance whenever Emergency Patrol is unavailable   

6. Hospitality night serving the food & soft drinks.  

7. Hosts & Hostesses to the visiting teams.

8. Guiding teams to/from practice before and after the Challenge. 
Please email or phone me if you can help in anyway.

Michael Bryce 905-854-0231   spitfirechallenge@speedway.ca

Thanks to Paul & Rochelle Lash, Cynthia Bryce,
Allan & Myrna Titleman, Jean Webb, Shaun Martel and Delores Tapp


Special thanks to our Spitfire Challenge sponsors, the people who have bought our restaurant coupon books and Town Printing Rick & Blue Lawrence, Dan Roderick, Wilfred Koza, Carol McConville, Marguerite Bebluk, Mariya B, Sherry Anderson, tickets to the Challenge, advertisements in this souvenir program and sales co ordinator Helen De Wild, cover layout Fernando Pereira,  

our hospitality night volunteers headed by Chris Haupt, Sandy  & Tim Payne  
assisted by Chad Webb, Kim Leary, Rodney Morrison, Mrs Furst, Rick Shifflet, Shaun Martel, Theresa Furst, Denise and Tim Antler. 


Our Hospitality Night volunteers 

Tim Payne, Karin Quick and Tim Antler serving German National team coach Holger Glinicki, game official David Bell and German National women's team assistant coach Peter Richarz

Transportation Manager Roni Furst and assistants Terry Little, Rodney Morrison and Krystal and Alex Ehgoetz. 

our Emergency Patrol first aid and security volunteers headed by Terry & and Marilyn Johnston assisted by Kelly & Lindsay Lake, Larry Pinn,David & Darlene Ratcliff, Shelley York & Dave Kosnic,  

Our souvenir stand & tire stand volunteers  Denise Antler, Rebecca and Rose Davey. 

The bus drivers from Denny’s ( Peter, Ben, Patti & Jake) and reservation manager Cathy.  

The bus drivers from First Student/Cardinal Yarko and John.

Our gymnasium managers Noel Nathaniel, Ron Davey, Frank & Dyane Iannuzzi, Nikki and Richard Coffron..



Haywood Hill (USA) & Dave Woods (GBR)

all of our on court officials headed by Bob Lloyd (GBR) & The balance of the officials who included David Bell (USA), Trevor Kerr & Bill Lee(CAN), Haywood Hill (USA), Victor Reyes (Mex),  Jeff Van Eenoo (CAN),   Francis Kremarik (CAN), Gustavo Mathias (BRA), David Mahy(CAN), Robin Holbrook (CAN) & Nicky Shaw (GBR) in our last challenge. 

Our table officials and head table official Roni Furst and her many assistants Karen Worthington, Anne Marie Hagey, Nikki & Richard Coffron,  Lucy Lloyd, Ron Davey, Noel Nathaniel, Rodney Morrison, Frank & Dyanne Iannuzzi, Rebecca Davey, Chad Webb, Paula Dodd, Krystal and Alex Ehgoetz & players from the Calgary, Twin City, Variety Village, Team Canada Men,Women & Under 23,  Charlottesville. and all the other score, time and shot clock personnel.

our photographer Eric Morse 


Allan "Cookie" Titleman ready to flip an


snack bar volunteers headed by Cynthia Bryce, Delores Tapp, Shaun Martel, Linda van der Wouw and Theresa Furst..   

The staff at Etobicoke Olympium headed by Mike Brioux

The staff at Hershey Centre/Sports Zone

our Results to the Webb co ordinators Denise & Tim Antler

our Championship play by play announcers Frank Iannuzzi & Noel Nathaniel ,

our hosts and hostesses headed by Terry Little,  Rebecca Davey,  & Roni Furst and all of our other volunteers.

Our Award Presenters and Assistants